Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart, Which One?

Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull CartUsing a Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart is the preferred method to carry your golf gear around the course. I will tell you about some of the popular types of golf push cart or golf pull cart.

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Walking while playing golf can make your round more enjoyable as well as rewarding. It can be very healthy to walk the course as well. You can burn up to 1,300 calories during a round and build stamina. There is also the social aspect. You can talk with all of your playing partners while walking and enjoy the landscaping as you go when you are using a Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart.

There are a few ways to keep your equipment with you during your round. Some people carry their golf bags on their shoulder using the strap on the bag. Some bags come equipped with dual straps so you can wear your bag like a backpack. These methods could cause back or shoulder strain. It could also affect your golf score as carrying a golf bag will cause fatigue.

Using a Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart can make your round of golf more enjoyable. They are very easy to use and cause less strain than carrying your bag. All types of golf push cart or golf pull cart are much better for courses than powered riding carts.

Golf courses embrace the use of Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart and most have them available for rent. They want to accommodate people who wish to walk and they know golf push cart or golf pull cart cause less damage to the course. Most courses have restrictions for riding golf carts. On wet days, or some courses on dry days as well, riding carts can be restricted to be used on the cart path only. Another rule that is common is the 90 degree rule. This limits you to the cart path until you are across from your ball, turn 90 degrees to your ball, play it, then back to the cart path. This rule prevents powered golf carts from traveling up and down the fairways at will, possibly causing damage. With a Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart you can go anywhere you can walk, it is more convenient and it is less expensive.

There are a few different types of Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart available. Here are some of the more popular models.

  • 2 wheeled pull cart: A very popular model is the – Intech LiteRider Golf Pull Cart (See my full review here)
  • 3 wheeled push cart: New style, highly rated – Clicgear 3.0 Golf Push Cart (see my full review here)
  • 4 wheeled push cart: Newest models include a rising star – Bag Boy Quad Golf Push Cart. (see my full review here)
  • Electric Golf Bag Cart: This is a brand new category including – Bat Caddy X4R Electric Golf Bag Cart. (see my full review here)

The 2 wheeled pull carts were the first carts used in the industry. This is the cart that I used for years, but pulling a cart can be more difficult than pushing one. The 3 wheeled push cart made its appearance in the early 90′s and with improvements, these are currently very popular. Depending on the model, they feature improved tires, more storage for balls, tees, an umbrella, beverages and hand brakes that lock for stopping on a hill. Newer to the industry are the 4 wheeled push cart and the electric walking cart. The 4 wheeled push cart provides a stable platform and is less likely to tip on uneven surfaces. The latest in technology is an electric cart that is hands free and fully remote controlled.

Whenever I score well after a round of golf, I get a great sense of accomplishment, as I feel I have played the game the way it was intended to be played. By walking. That’s why using a Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart is the preferred method to transport your golf gear. The best deal I found for Golf Push Cart or Golf Pull Cart is Amazon, Click here for up to 50% off retail price. See you on the greens.

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